About ME

The intersection of
art + science.

I use my education in psychology and my love for art to approach design challenges with curiosity, empathy, and enthusiasm.

Hi! You can call me Em. I am a non-binary designer with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, minor in psychology, and certificate in UX/UI Design. My favorite thing to do is learn something new! My hobbies include but certainly are not limited to painting, crocheting, photography, rock climbing, paddleboarding, playing music, and taking free online courses in just about every subject I can get my hands on. 

During undergrad, I joined student organizations that allowed me to exercise my creativity through writing & producing live comedy shows, designing interactive health programs for fellow students, and creating campaign signage for the Recycling & Zero Waste Management department. I also worked in a biomedical research lab that taught me the value of the scientific method, data collection, and experimental design. My time conducting experiments in the lab prepared me well for product design following the Agile methodology. 

After graduation and working in the healthcare field in several roles (I tried hands-on patient care, program management, and even representing healthcare professionals in the job market) I realized I was unhappy working jobs that restricted me to following rigid protocols with little room for improvement. My love of learning and innovation is much better suited for a scope with more opportunity for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. 

The field of UX/UI design beautifully merges my passion for rigorous data-driven methodologies, strategic thinking, and in-depth research with my appreciation for collaboration, communication, and iteration. I am excited by the idea of gaining a better understanding the human experience through the design of visually stunning, creative solutions that ultimately enrich the lives of users!

My Recommendations

When I am not creating, I am listening to music, watching TV, or consuming my favorite podcasts. Get a sense for my taste by checking out my favorite media!




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