UX/UI Design

Freelance WEB Design

Cosmic Wax Studio

A brand and website re-design for an Austin-based wax studio.

UX/UI Design

Little Light Embroidery

The story of an e-commerce site and brand redesign for an Austin-based small business owner and art market vendor.

UX/UI Design

Mom and Pop Stops (M.A.P.S.)

An app to find & save collections of local small businesses for travelers exploring new areas!

UX/UI Design


The process of my first existing website redesign. The UX/UI Design bootcamp through UT Austin gave designers the unique challenge of selecting a government website to evaluate, define a specific user task, and overhaul the design of a user’s journey accomplishing the task.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design


The work done as an in house graphic designer. 

Mixed Media




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